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I walked into the lounge where I teach infant care classes to new parents — the sound of the television blasting was only the beginning. First things first. TV OFF. As I began to teach the class, a few of the dads were texting, and when I began demonstrating a bath with a sweet new baby, four of the five parents began to record my every move. iPhones, iPads and Droids all poised to capture every detail. These parents, so afraid to miss anything were missing the class! It occurred to me that it was a bit like attending a concert and realizing that you are watching the performer on the big screen instead of seeing the energy of the real person on the stage! This modern day phenomenon of being so concerned with the perfect shot to share or post or tweet, takes you completely out of the moment. I am guilty of this myself, and have tried to catch myself snapping when I should be watching, texting when I should be talking. I have seen new parents miss some incredible firsts in the life of their new baby, simply because they were too busy with technology. Come on people! Put those phones down and watch!

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