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I often joke with the moms I work with that I am the "Baby Waitress" helping babies get the food they want.


Chances are if you are visiting my website, you think breastfeeding is something you want to do.

Maybe you are positive and just want more information.

Perhaps you are not sure, are a little overwhelmed and a tad afraid.


So why breastfeed? Let’s talk about it.


**I am not currently accepting insurance, but will provide a super bill for you to submit for reimbursement from your insurance company.  Contact your insurance company to find out what lactation support is covered by your plan.

A $50 deposit is required when you make your first appointment. Balance of payment after first visit.

W H A T   T O   E X P E C T   D U R I N G   A   V I S I T: 


-Comprehensive health history of both mom and baby

-Visual assessment of both mom and baby

-Observation of a feeding

-Feedback and tips

-A clear, written plan for you to follow

-A summary of the visit sent to your health care provider


Comprehensive Virtual Visit

We’ll review your history and do an exam, I will provide you with a detailed plan.

7 days of text support 

75 - 90 minute video visit


Pumping Consult

New to the pumping game? Want to make sure you are getting the most of your pump?


30 minutes



Text or Phone Support

Need a lifeline? Sick of google? Feeling overwhelmed?

Quick response time.

Unlimited texting for 7 days.

We will do a short preliminary call to discuss your history and challenges.

(6 AM and 9 PM)


Let's talk (yup!) on the phone.

15 minutes


 Text Support: $175 

Phone Support: $75 

Prenatal Class

Let’s talk about how this whole thing works.


60-75 minutes

$150  personalized private

Invite a friend $75 each

Hospital Support

Have some questions while you are in the hospital? Off to a bumpy start? Just need some reassurance?


Video or texting support


15 minute check in



Back to Work Consult

Heading back to work and have questions about the logistics and protecting your milk production?

Let’s talk and make a plan.


45 minutes




liz .jpg

"Beth Iovinelli was on speed dial while breastfeeding both of my children. She understands how frustrating nursing can be for new mothers and offers guidance with a reassurance that you are doing a great job (and isn't that what all mom's need to hear?). She helped me find the best holds and most comfortable positions for me and and my baby, not a generic how-to. Every baby is different, every mama is different and every boob is different. No one knows this, teaches this or reminds you of this more than Beth."


-Liz Lowe


"As a new mom I now totally get the phrase "it takes a village" and in the un-intuitive world of breastfeeding, Beth Iovinelli IS that village. She delivers substantive and helpful advice in a way that instantly disarms new mom nerves. I'm rounding into month 6 of breastfeeding my son thanks to her!"

-Shala Burroughs


"Beth is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. My baby was very frustrated with my very low milk supply, was losing weight fast, and I was about to give up. Beth saved us and through her suggestions and encouragement, made me truly love breastfeeding!"


-Deb Riley

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